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Employees of the State Inspection "Uzkomnazorat" visited the memorial complex "Shahidlar hotirasi"

Date: 10.09.2021


Employees of the State Inspectorate for Control in the Field of Informatization and Telecommunications of the Republic of Uzbekistan visited the memorial complex "Shahidlar hotirasi" to honor the memory of the martyrs of our country, our ancestors who died on the way to national independence, as well as study their difficult life, strengthen their knowledge in the history of our country.

On the martyrs' memory alley, the Koran and prayers for the dead were read. Employees of the State Inspectorate "Uzkomnazorat" also got acquainted with the historical exhibits of the Museum of the Victims of Repression. It was noted that Uzbekistan pays special attention to studying the life and heritage of patriots, perpetuating their memory.

The purpose of the visit was to visit the Shahids Memorial Complex with family members, children and grandchildren, study history and strengthen their knowledge in this area. In the future, it is planned to organize other excursions to similar places.